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CPD Results

The following document contains the results of PMD's CPD 6.29.0.


File Project Line
it/tidalwave/thesefoolishthings/examples/dci/persistable/jpa/role/impl/ TheseFoolishThings :: Examples :: DCI :: Persistence JPA 45
it/tidalwave/thesefoolishthings/examples/jpafinderexample/impl/ TheseFoolishThings :: Examples :: Finder :: JPA Finder 45
@Entity @NoArgsConstructor @Getter @Setter @ToString
public class PersonEntity implements Serializable
    private String id;

    private String firstName;

    private String lastName;

    public PersonEntity (@Nonnull final Person datum)
      { = datum.getId().stringValue();
        this.firstName = datum.getFirstName();
        this.lastName = datum.getLastName();

    public Person toPerson()
        return new Person(new it.tidalwave.util.Id(id), firstName, lastName);