About TheseFoolishThings

A kitchen sink of small libraries that are used by all projects by Tidalwave. It mostly contains: * a few generic stuff such as ```Id``` and ```IdFactory```; * the ```Finder``` API for fluent query builders; * support for the DCI pattern (Data Context and Interaction), with optional Spring integration; * a tiny but functional local Message Bus, with optional Spring integration; * a small, experimental Actor library; * some test utilities. TheseFoolishThings supports JDK 7 and has got a small JDK 8 integration module. Since version 3.0 lots of old stuff have been dropped: * Support for Swing. * Support for the NetBeans Platform. * A very small support library for Vaadin.

Project Modules

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Name Description
TheseFoolishThings (modules) This module is an umbrella for all the components. It contains the global configuration for the build as well as the declaration of dependencies.
TheseFoolishThings - Project Archetype TheseFoolishThings - Project Archetype